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Judge DeAnn
Salcido (ret.)
Professor Colin Starger
Crenshaw-Logal, Esq.
Moderator and
2011 - 2012
Our 2012 Panelists:
Professor Lara A. Bazelon
Professor Diane J. Klein
    October 25 - 26, 2012                    Loyola Law School                  Los Angeles, CA
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Professor Lara A.
is the Clinical
Teaching Fellow for the
University of California,
Hastings College of the
Law and author of our
featured article “Putting
the Mice in Charge of the
Cheese:  Why Federal
Judges Cannot Always Be
Trusted to Police
Themselves and What
Congress Can Do About
It”, 97
Ky. Law J. 439

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Attorney Zena
Co-Administrator of National
Forum On Judicial
Accountability (NFOJA),  
POPULAR (Power Over
Poverty Under Laws of
America Restored) and OAK
(Organizations Associating
for the Kind of Change
America Really Needs).  She
is author of
Exploring the
Vitality of Stare Decisis in
, the book version of
our report on the debut Fogg

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Professor Colin Starger  
teaches at the University of
Baltimore School of Law.  
His areas of expertise are
Civil and Criminal
Procedure, Jurisprudence
Lawyering Skills, Forensic
Evidence, Innocence and
Wrongful Convictions,
Rhetoric and Argument.  
Professor Starger is author
of our featured article
"Expanding Stare Decisis,"
Loyola of Los Angeles L.
(forthcoming Fall 2012)

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The Honorable DeAnn Salcido,  
is a retired California Superior
Court Judge and founder as
well as CEO of Judicial Action
Watch Society(JAWS).  She is
known as "America's 1st
Whistleblower Judge", having
named names and filed proof of
judges and deputy district
attorneys "willfully failing to
follow the law in Domestic
Violence cases."  She had her
own critics and once
explained, "(w)hile I understand
that some of my comments from

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Professor Diane Klein teaches
Property and is currently
researching the myriad legal
challenges facing transgendered
people; plural marriage and
property law; the completion of
her nationwide survey on
tortious interference with
expectation of inheritance; and
an article in tort theory at the La
Verne College of Law in Ontario,
California.  She is author of our
featured article “Distorted
Reasoning: Gender, Risk-
Aversion, and Negligence Law,”
Suffolk U.L. Rev. 629 (1997).

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