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practice of law in Columbia, Missouri since 1997. Formerly,  Professor Broadus served as
State Legislative Manager and Counsel at the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest
gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender advocacy group.

Professor Broadus published “The Evolution of Employment Discrimination for Transgender
People” in 2006 in
Transgender Rights by Currah, Juag and Minter, among other publications.

In August 2005, Professor Broadus and two co-panelists were the first to present information
before the American Bar Association regarding Transgender clients. In 2004, he spoke at the
Regional Affirmative Action Conference on Transgender Issues and Affirmative Action.

In January of 2003, Professor Broadus was called before the American Association of Law
Schools on transgender issues. In February of 2003, he presented at Georgetown Law
School's Symposium on Gender and the Law on the same issue. He continues to speak and
lobby on the national, state and local levels in the areas of transgender and sexual orientation
law and advocacy.
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