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Attorney Crenshaw-Logal is author of “The Official End of Judicial Accountability Through
Federal Rights Litigation:
Ashcroft v. Iqbal”, 35 Am. J. Trial Advoc. 125 (Summer 2011).  

Prior to becoming a full-time good government and legal / judicial reform advocate, Attorney
Crenshaw-Logal practiced general civil law consisting primarily of her prosecuting relatively
complex, plaintiffs' personal injury claims and advising small to medium nonprofit as well as
for-profit entities.  *She is presently a member of the bar for the Seventh Circuit Court of

In coordinating the Fogg symposia, attorney Crenshaw-Logal often quoted and quotes her
former law school classmate, Dr. Ndiva Kofele-Kale.  Dr. Kofele-Kale is an esteemed political
scientist, an international law scholar, and the “University Distinguished Professor &
Professor of Law” at Southern Methodist University, Dedman School of Law.  He says “(a)n
implicit or explicit call for change, resonating in the work of a country’s brightest scholars, the
discourse of its public policy thought leaders including mainstream as well as grassroots
advocates, and the hearts of its most enlightened citizenry, is a mandate for government
reform, no matter how dramatic.”

Attorney Crenshaw-Logal completed a summer semester at the Notre Dame Law Centre in
London, England and graduated from Northwestern University School of Law, distinguished
as a Notre Dame as well as an Earl Warren Scholar.  She has authored multiple online and
print articles on grassroots advocacy, First Amendment issues, democracy, and the
administration of justice in America.  Mrs. Crenshaw-Logal is a national spokesperson on
tactics thwarting proper standards for regulating First Amendment activities among lawyers
when their criticism of the judiciary or a judicial officer is involved.  
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