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After completing his studies at Yale Law School, Professor Johnson served as a Law Clerk to
the Honorable Bernard S. Meyer of the New York Court of Appeals and the Honorable Thomas
E. Fairchild, Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

Professor Johnson is a recipient of the "Administration of Justice Award", presented at the
Supreme Court of the United States in 2006, by the Supreme Court Fellows Alumni
Association “in recognition of many contributions to the understanding of the American legal
system through a distinguished career teaching law.”  

Professor Johnson is a prolific writer.  His articles have been cited, quoted and discussed in
more than 145 law reviews.  He has authored and edited multiple books including "A Concise
Restatement of the Law Governing Lawyers", (ALI 2007) co-edited with Susan Saab Fortney.  

Professor Johnson received his J.D. from the University of  Notre Dame School of Law and his
LL.M. from Yale University School of Law.  His many professional associations include the
"Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers".
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