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  • Legacy Sponsors support our efforts by covering most costs of assembling a
    panel of legal scholars and other authorities for one or more symposia on
    stare decisis.  All Legacy Sponsors are the namesakes or may otherwise
    designate the name(s) of each symposium they underwrite.  They may also
    host or keynote the program dinner(s) for those symposia or that symposium;

  • NGO Co-sponsors share some symposia costs and supply or otherwise help
    assemble public interest lawyers in the civil rights, constitutional rights,
    judicial reform, and / or whistleblower advocacy fields to address our
    symposia topic.  These lawyers are asked to share work of our featured legal
    scholars and authorities in lay terms; relate the underlying principles to real
    life cases; and propose appropriate reform efforts.  The NGO representatives
    are encouraged to make real life litigants and / or non-lawyer advocates part
    of their presentation;

  • Program Patrons support our efforts by helping cover the cost of symposia
    website development, maintenance, and hosting as well as webcasting
    costs including related costs such as for internet access, audio / visual
    equipment rental, and onsite / remote technical assistance;

  • Featured Panelists are noted scholars and authorities on core subjects of
    our symposia.  Each presents the facts, circumstances, analysis, and / or
    conclusions of his or her featured article; relate that information to our
    symposia topic; and share his or her view on the vitality of stare decisis in
    America, disclosing the extent to which his or her view is impacted, if at all , by
    the published writings of co-panelists and / or others.     
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