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trafficking, modern-day slavery, domestic violence, hate-crimes, child abuse, environmental
injustice and repressive regimes.

Dr. Williams is a Hendrix College alumna and holds a Bachelors of Art degree (
magna cum
) in political science from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. As an undergraduate,
she attended the University of Oxford for a year, the University of Ghana for a semester, and
spent two summers abroad working at nonprofits in Africa and Europe.

Dr. Williams earned a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree with honors from the University of Miami
School of Law, where she was the recipient of the Sonia Yadr Schneider Scholarship, the H.O.
P.E. Fellowship, and the
Res Ipsa Loquitor  Writing Award. She was a founding member of the
UM Wrongful Conviction Project, a contributing writer for the law school newspaper, and
Executive Editor of the University of Miami International & Comparative Law Review. She also
participated in the UM London Summer Program at the University College of London for two

She is the author of  "Your Honor, I'm Here Today Requesting the Court's Permission to
Torture Mr. Doe: The Legality of Torture as a Means to an End v. The Illegality of Torture as a
Violation of Jus Cogens Norms Under Customary International Law.", 12 U.
Miami Int'l &
Comp. L. Rev.
301-360 (2004).

In addition to her work as a human rights advocate, Dr. Williams is the co-founder of Food For
Life Network AIDS Marathon/Half-Marathon, which benefits Food For Life Network, Inc., a 501
(c)(3) nonprofit that delivers groceries and meals to impoverished and malnourished men,
women, and children living with HIV/AIDS in South Florida. Since 1987, Food For Life Network,
Inc. has fed over 1.5 million people and provided crucial medical services to millions more.
The Food For Life Network AIDS Marathon (est. 2008) is hosted annually by ING Miami
Marathon in Miami, Florida.

Dr. Williams recently joined a consulting team for the advancement of social and
environmental equality at Janus Institute for Justice, LLC. She is also a frequent panelist on
UPDATE w/ Doris Moore Bailey, an hour-long, live progressive news magazine radio
broadcast that covers a gamut of hot topics and issues facing the African-American
community and the nation. The show airs every Sunday and streams live online.

Dr. Williams is an amateur astronomer, actress, and poet whose interests span from
quantum physics to photography. She is an avid reader, writer, blogger and social networker
who enjoys editing and writing political and legal articles or commentaries from time to time.
In her spare time, she works to complete her second book of poetry, “Sex Will Be Sweeter For
My Daughters”.